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1 .- How do I rent a car?
Must present a valid driver's license in the country of origin, his identity card and / or valid passport. You must also submit a valid credit card with a minimum quota of $ 1000 available

2 .- Can I rent a car for hours?
The vehicle is rented by day, for 24 hours from the time of delivery of the car.

3 .- Do I need an international license to drive in Chile?
You can drive in Chile with a valid license from the country of origin is not strictly necessary to have an international license.

4 .- Can I leave money in cash as collateral for lease?
No, we only accept leases as collateral, the presentation of a valid credit card. We do not accept either cash or bank checks or traveler's checks or travel checks.

5 .- The vehicles offered are insured?
If all vehicles in the fleet include a standard and mandatory insurance that covers own damage, theft and damage to others in Chile. A deductible equivalent to U.S. $ 600 .- plus tax VAT will be applied in case of damage to the rented vehicle. All vehicles rented are covered by a road assistance 24 hours a day within Chile.

6 .- What taxes imposed the state of Chile?
A sales tax known as VAT, which corresponds to 19% will be applied to all services and charges.

7 .- As a foreigner, I pay VAT?
The exemption from VAT for foreign tourists is only applicable to the cost of accommodation, therefore, in the case of car rentals whether to implement such a tax. But Good Rent a Car is included in the price.

8 .- What is the minimum age to rent a car?
The minimum age is 24 years.

9 .- Do you vehicles outside their offices?
If, for it must be requested and agreed between the parties, with additional charges depending on location and time of delivery or return of the vehicle. The accuracy of the additional charges is on the Home page of this site.

10 .- The drivers must pay an additional fee?
No, the drivers have no additional charges, but must meet the same requirements of age, valid driver's license and identity card and valid passport or driver's principal.

11 .- Is it possible to cancel a reservation?
If you wish to cancel or modify a reservation, you must notify us at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled time of delivery of the vehicle. Only thus will avoid the charge for a day's rental fee to normal force at the time.

12 .- Can I travel to Bolivia, Peru and Argentina with a vehicle for you?
No, unfortunately the insurance companies in Chile, do not give coverage to those countries.

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